Core Course

WWS 315/POL 393 Grand Strategy


Pre-Approved Courses for the Certificate

CHV 350/HIS 357/POL 469 The Age of Rights: Nature, Enlightenment, and Revolution

CLA 216 – Archaic and Classical Greece

CLA 217/HIS 217/HLS217 The Greek World in the Hellenistic Age

CLA 218 – The Roman Republic

CLA 219/HIS 219 The Roman Empire, 31 B.C. to A.D. 337

CLA 310/POL 310 – Citizenships Ancient and Modern

CLA 327 – Religion and the Roman Empire

EAS 240/HIS 240 The Perception of China and Asia in the West 

HIS 201 A History of the World since 1300

HIS 210 – Late Antiquity

HIS 211 – Europe from 1700

HIS 212 – Monarchies

HIS 241 Faith and Power in the Indian Ocean Arena

HIS 245 The Islamic World from its Emergence to the Beginnings of Westernization (see NES 245)

HIS 283 War in the Modern Western World

HIS 293 Science in a Global Context: 15th to 20th Century

HIS 300 History of International Human Rights

HIS 304/LAS 304 Modern Latin America since 1810

HIS 305/LAS 306 History of the Modern Caribbean

HIS 309 History of Modern Mexico

HIS 316 South African History, 1497 to Present

HIS 317 Making of Modern India and Pakistan

HIS 322 20th-Century Japan

HIS325/EAS 355 China, 1850 to the Present

HIS 330/HLS 330 Muslim Mediterranean

HIS 341 Between Resistance and Collaboration: The Second World War in Europe

HIS 342/EAS 342/NES 343 Southeast Asia’s Global History

HIS 351 France, 1815 to the Present

HIS 354 War in the Western World

HIS 356/JDS 355 Between Swords and Stones: Jerusalem, a History

HIS 358/ HLS 358 History of the Balkans

HIS 359 Modern Jewish History

HIS 360 Russian Empire: From Peter the Great to Nicholas II

His 361 United States 1974 to the Present

HIS 362 Soviet Empire

HIS 363 Napoleonic Wars

HIS 366 Germany since 1806

HIS 365 Europe in the 20th Century HIS 370 Britain 1815-1945: Empire, Democracy, and War

HIS 369 Britain 1688-1815: From Revolution to Global Pre-eminence

HIS 370 Britain 1815-1945: Empire, Democracy, and War

HIS 380 U.S. Foreign Relations

HIS 383 The United States, 1920-1974

HIS 385 Role of Law in American Society

HIS 411 War and Society in the Modern World

HIS 424/ECS 424 – Intellectual History of Europe

HIS 429 History of European Fascism

HIS 448 History: An Introduction to the Discipline

HIS 452 Communism and Dissent in Eastern Europe

HIS 453 Winston Churchill, Anglo-America and the "Special Relationship"

HIS 461/ENG 461 Writing a World: Encounters with Difference, 1650-1850

HIS 478 United States and the Vietnam Wars

HIS 480 The American Military Experience

LAS 318 U.S. Latin American Relations

NES 221 – Jerusalem Contested

NES 267/HIS267 The Modern Middle East

NES 269/POL 353 – The Politics of Modern Islam

NES 305/ HIS 336 Modern Worlds of Islam

NES 315 War and Politics in the Modern Middle East

NES 321 – Iran since the Revolution

NES 327/GSS 326/HUM 328 – Youth and Youth Movements in the Modern Middle East

NES 338 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

NES 365 Modern Iran

NES 394/HIS 409 Colonialism, Post-Colonialism: North Africa

NES 406 The Great War in the Middle East

NES 433/HIS 433 Imperialism and Reform in the Middle East and the Balkans

NES 438 The Late Ottoman Empire

POL 240 International Relations

POL 313 Global Justice

POL 332 Topics in American Statesmanship

POL 351/WWS 311 Politics of Development

POL 362 – Chinese Politics

POL 380 Human Rights

POL 381 Theories of International Relations

POL 383 International Cooperation

POL 385 International Political Economy

POL 386 Violent Politics

POL 387 – International Intervention and Use of Force

POL 388 Causes of War

POL 392 American Foreign Policy

POL 395 Foreign Policy Decision-Making

POL 397 National Security

POL 430 Seminar in Comparative Politics: Military, State and Society

POL 431 Seminar in Comparative Politics – Violence

POL 440 Seminar in International Relations - International Organization

POL 441 Seminar International Relations: Conflict & Cooperation in International Politics, Security, Trade

POL 442 Seminar in International Relations – Leadership and International Crisis

POL 443 Seminar in International Relations: The Military Instrument of Foreign Policy

PSY 325 Persuasion and Propaganda

SAS 345 / REL 345 – Islam in South Asia: Literary Perspectives

SOC 250 Western Way of War

SOC 342 Organizations: Management, Bureaucracy and Work

WWS 301/ECO 352 International Trade

WWS 302/ECO 359 – International Development

WWS 313 Peacemaking

WWS 316/POL 399 China's Foreign Relations

WWS 317/ POL 389/EAS 462 International Relations of East Asia

WWS 318 U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy

WWS 333 / SOC 326 – (SA) Law Institutions and Public Policy

WWS 340/PSY 321 Psychology of Decision Making and Judgment

WWS 353/MAE 353 Science and Global Security

WWS 360 Authoritarianism

WWS 363/POL463 – Public Policy and Public Leadership

WWS 375 United States and Iran

WWS 390 Revolutions, Constitutions and Re-configuring the Arab State

WWS 420/POL 444 International Institutions and Law

WWS 466/HIS 467 Financial History


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